Andrew Rose – Lead Worker

Leadwork Services in Birmingham & Surrounding Areas

Mastercraftsman Andrew Rose is a Leadwork Specialist operating in the Birmingham and West Midlands area with over 30 Years worth of lead working experience. Andrew Rose offers a wide variety of services from traditional heritage leadwork, repair, renovation, and restoration, right up to contemporary leadwork construction and commissions.

For more information or a FREE quotation please contact Andrew Rose on 07817 184 324 or 0121 242 6773

Andrew Rose - Lead Specialist

Andrew Rose offers the following services:

  • Lead Repairs & Renovation
  • Lead Domes and Turrets
  • Lead Roofing
  • Pitched Lead Roofs
  • Parapet Walls
  • Lead Canopies
  • Lead Front Porches
  • Lead Bays
  • Loft Conversions, Lead Dormers, and Cheeks
  • Scalloped Front Faces
  • Lead Guttering and Repair
  • Apron Flashings
  • Lead Guttering and Repair
  • Apron Flashings
  • Lead Cappings & Repair
  • Curved and Barrel Vaulted Leadwork
  • Decorative and Ornamental Leadwork
  • Lead Hopper Boxes
  • Lead Cornices
  • Chimney Aprons, Edge Patterns
  • Lead Back Gutters and Slates
  • Window Trays
  • Lead Welding – Flat Buttoned, Lapped,
  • Horizontal and Upright Seams

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